Gabriel Lipkowitz Computational Design & Fabrication Researcher


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Computational Design

Lipkowitz, G., Shaqfeh, E. and Desimone., J. (2023) "Paraflow: A Computational Design Tool for Support-free Multimaterial 3D Printing" Extended Abstracts of the 2023 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

Lipkowitz, G., Shaqfeh, E., & DeSimone, J. (2022) "Generative co-design for microfluidics-accelerated 3D printing" In Proceedings of the 7th Annual ACM Symposium on Computational Fabrication (pp. 1-3).

Lipkowitz, G., Samuelsen, T., Hsiao, K., Dulay, M. T., Coates, I., Pan, W., ... & DeSimone, J. M. (2022). "Digital Microfluidic Design for Injection Continuous Liquid Interface Production of 3D Objects" In 2022 International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium.

Computational Fabrication

Lipkowitz, G., Samuelsen, T., Hsiao, K., Lee, B., Dulay, M. T., Coates, I., ... & DeSimone, J. M. (2022). "Injection continuous liquid interface production of 3D objects" Science Advances, 8(39), eabq3917.

Lipkowitz, G., Shaqfeh, E.S.G. and DeSimone, J.M.D.(2023) "Fluidics-Informed Fabrication: A Novel Co-design for Additive Manufacturing Framework." International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction. Cham: Springer Nature Switzerland.

Hsiao, K., Lee, B. J., Samuelsen, T., Lipkowitz, G., Kronenfeld, J. M., Ilyn, D., ... & DeSimone, J. M. (2022). "Single-digit-micrometer-resolution continuous liquid interface production." Science Advances, 8(46).

Lee BJ, Hsiao K, Lipkowitz G, Samuelsen T, Tate L, DeSimone JM. (2022) "Characterization of a 30 µm pixel size CLIP-based 3D printer and its enhancement through dynamic printing optimization" Addit Manuf.

Lipkowitz, G. Hennum, K.S. Piva, E. and Schofield, E. (2021) “Numerical Modelling of moisture loss during controlled drying of marine archaeological wood” Forests 2021, 12(12), 1662


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Magoro, T. Dandekar, A., Jennelle, L. Bajaj, R. Lipkowitz, G. Angelucci, A. Bessong, P. and Hahn, Y. (2019) “IL-1β/TNF-α/IL-6 inflammatory cytokines promote STAT1-dependent induction of CH25H in zika virus-infected human macrophages” J. Biol. Chem.

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ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) (Hamburg, Germany, April 2023)

eWEAR Annual Meeting Symposium (Stanford CA, February 2023)

ACM Symposium on Computational Fabrication (Seattle WA, October 2022)

Stanford Bio-X Seed Grants Symposium (Stanford CA, August 2022)

Additive Manufacturing of Soft Materials, Gordon Research Conference (Ventura CA, August 2022)

Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium (Austin TX USA, July 2022)

3D Printing-enabled Polymeric Composites and Hybrid Systems, American Chemical Society (San Diego CA USA, March 2022)

Peer Review

Nature (2023)

Nature Communications (2022)

Science Advances (2022-2023)

Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium (2023)

Invited Talks

"3D Data Analysis and Visualization" (UC Berkeley Data8, Summer 2023)

"Injection continuous liquid interface production" (Carbon3D, Winter 2023)